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Digital palm tree aesthetic
Digital Collage Art
Digital palm tree art wallpaper

[welcome to be weird with it...]

I’m a digital design nerd and needed to occupy myself with a project in the middle of this hot mess of a lockdown!! On a recent trip to Bali, I became obsessed with the loveliness of palm trees. So I created a collection of neon vectors for peeps to use in daily designs, individual artwork, team projects or whatever the heck you want. Have a blast!! Be weird with it and let me know how you get on? [if you feel like it, that is :)].

free palm tree vector art
free palm tree vector template

What is in the vector pack?

The pack includes 11 FREE vector templates, png clip art, and 6 x photo-based black and white images used in the mockups displayed on this page. All images are my original work distorted, warped and inverted using Photoshop. 

As an extra, I’ve chucked in the mockups which were created in Adobe XD, a free platform. If you need any help using XD send me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

Vector design with palm trees
Neon vector palm trees and street art
palm tree collage pack

How can I use the vectors?

Create visuals to help breathe life into your social media designs, aesthetic visuals or digital collage art. These vectors are great for adding a little texture and imagination to your artwork, making possibilities endless!! 

All SVG/PNG files are transparent, producing an easy-to-use overlay effect. Another option would be to set up a repeat pattern. Just drag and drop onto any canvas of your choice and you're ready to rock & roll. 

Pop art vector design
palm tree vector design
digital collage art
palm tree pop art vector design

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Contact me if you have a question about this product or anything else design related. I’m happy to hear from you! []

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